Color Combination

Color Combinations For House Exteriors

To make things easier for you, we put together a guide to show you the latest trends in home exterior color combinations, adding style, and tasteful details.

By simply changing the tone of a wall, we can modify the entire atmosphere of the home and generate a new, fresh, and cheerful environment. After all, paint is the first thing we see and plays a very important role in home decoration.

When defining the type and color of exterior paint, it is important to be clear that our preferred color is not always the most suitable for painting the house, but we can use it to highlight some architectural details or certain design elements.

Types Of Exterior Paints

The choice of paint is not limited to color. Nowadays, the new techniques and materials complicate the matter a bit. When thinking about the finish that we will give to the exterior walls of the house, we must also make decisions regarding different textures, finishes, and thicknesses.

There are several types of paints or coatings for facades and exteriors, depending on the budget available, the type of coating desired, and durability. We do a review:

Exterior Cladding

The wall covering is the layer that covers and dresses the surface, providing texture, color, and protection. Exterior coatings replace fine plaster and are placed directly over thick plaster. They have fine, medium, and thick textures, and, depending on how they are applied; they can give turned or vertical finishes.

Textured Colored Acrylic Coating

This product, formulated on the basis of acrylic resins and mineral fillers, is already prepared to be applied on different surfaces, with optimal adhesion both indoors and outdoors and with the option of different finishes: we can obtain fine and medium textures, which at your Sometimes they vary if they are placed by roller or by torch. These textures are able to hide imperfections and allow an unalterable effect over time.

Textured Colored Plastic Liner

This product is ready to be applied on a wide variety of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. It is long-lasting, requires very little maintenance, and its textures remain unchanged over time. It is 100% impermeable to rainwater (although it allows walls to breathe).

It is a product of the latest technology in water-based plastic elastomeric polymers, which, together with pigments and mineral fillers, provide great resistance to the action of atmospheric agents and make up an ideal material for the replacement of fine plaster and traditional paints.