How To Choose The Correct Paint For My House?

Let’s start by commenting on what painting is useful for:

  • Protect our homes from inclement weather.
  • Light up our spaces,
  • Give joy to furniture and doors,
  • And it is even a tool of expression for our creativity.

In short, it plays a very important role in everyone’s day-to-day life.

The simple fact of choosing colors is because of the thousands of shades in the market or because it is difficult for us to visualize the possible combinations within a room, which can be a complete challenge. So if we add to that the fact of having to find the right paint for each type of wall, considering its protective qualities, we would go crazy.

Here we tell you about the different types of paint so that you are better informed when requesting a professional service.

All paints usually have a base (called a primer) used on virgin walls to cover imperfections and achieve a neater finish.

The paintings are separated based on their characteristics and their relationship with the environment that surrounds them. This means that paints used outdoors are not the same as paints used indoors. For this reason, this is the first characterization that we will do.

Exterior paints: Exterior paints tend to be much less pleasant to the touch and sight as they make them resistant to adverse weather conditions so that they do not wear out in the rain, sun, or wind.

    1. The cementless painting. This paint is rough to the touch and dries quickly, it was widely used at first due to its ease of obtaining and manufacturing, but later it was replaced by …
    2. Vinyl paint and reinforced emulsion. These are manufactured using resins and oils, which provide superior protection against rain. Although cemented paint is still used, it is not very popular today.

Exterior paint tends to wear out due to being outdoors, so it is vitally important to check that no gaps or grooves have formed, since it can compromise its entire structure.

For this reason, it is necessary to check the paint, and in any case, repaint the entire house every 3-7 years, depending more than anything on the level of wear and tear that has suffered during that time.

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